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About Lilli Simone


Lilli Simone is classically trained in interior design.
Lilli provides an exceptional level of interior design service to her clients.

Lilli's Philosophy

"Avoid Costly Mistakes... Have it done right the first time."

Lilli Simone provides an exceptional level of interior design service for her clients.

Lilli Simone Interior Design and her team is here to help active seniors, retirees, empty nesters, and anyone else who is downsizing into a smaller home or is in need of space planning.

Lilli Simone knows that many are on a fixed income, and will work with her clients without any pressure to exceed their budget.

Lilli Simone's pricing on design quality home furnishings is extremely competitive thereby saving her clients money.

Lilli provides several different affordable design package options.

Lilli Simone is savvy, knowing where and what to purchase.

Lilli Simone will help you simplify, downsize and create a beautifully designed home within your budget.

You must start with a Floor Plan:

A Floor Plan is the road map.
A well planned architectural floor plan is essential. The plan is then presented to the client, they can see exactly what the room will look like. The client will see how all the functional requirements are met: The proportions, the flow, spacing and balance, along with the use of colors, patterns and textures.

Lilli Simone is the INTERPRETER of her clients vision, style
and wishes.

Lilli Simone is the answer to making your house a home!

Lilli puts her clients ideas not only into a well functioning space but a creative and beautiful environment for them.

Lilli is a problem solver!

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Contact Lilli Simone Interior Design

16395 Wimbeldon Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Office/Fax (714) 377-7759
Mobile (818) 307-8392


Hours of Operation:
Sunday - Friday 9am-6pm.


Interior Design Lilli Simone

Who Is Lilli Simone?


Lilli Simone is classically trained in interior design.

Lilli Simone received her initial design training in France at the Universite de Paris.

Lilli attended the prestigious
New York Parson's School of Design.

Lilli Simone has a successful
bi-coastal practice designing homes for Fortune 500 CEOs,
UN ambassadors and other
high-end clients in Southern California and New York City.

Lilli Simone has been featured in various publications including:

  • Country Living Magazine
  • Residential Interiors
  • Decormag (Montreal)
  • Newsday
  • 1001 Decorating Ideas
  • Lillie writes interior design articles for
    Malibu Arts Journal.
  • Participated in Princeton's Junior League Showcase House.
  • Candidate for MTV' "CRIBS"

Lilli Simone is the Custom Residential Interior Designer in Calabasas

Lilli Simone and her ensemble of experts specialize in residential interior design for Southern California.

Lilli will help you simplify, downsize and create beautifully designed rooms within your budget.

Lilli Simone interprets your dreams and creates an elegant reality.

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