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Downsizing Needs

Downsizing occurs whether it is economy driven or just a lifestyle change. Southern California Active Seniors, Retirees, Mature Adults and Baby Boomers are downsizing into smaller homes.

Lilli Simone Interior Design can help with your interior makeover for your new home.

Lilli Simone Interior Design understands the specific needs in working with downsizing and space planning. She understands the difficulty of transitioning existing possessions into a smaller area, whether it be a smaller home, or just redecorating to make your existing space more functional.

Interior Design Downsizing Family Room Interior Design Downsizing Family Room

Anyone downsizing will have certain requests. Lilli 's Interior Design team has the expertise, the patience, and the desire to help you with your downsizing and decorating specifications.

Let Lilli Simone Interior Design takes the worry out of change, no matter how big or how small.

Lilli Simone Interior Design stays within your budget.

Immediate results with her 2 day package. Call for details.

Good design does not have to be costly. In fact, it pays because you avoid costly mistakes when it's done right the first time.



Downsizing is a necessity of life.
Lilli Simone Interior Design caters to anyone in a lifestyle change who is downsizing their home:

Active Senior Downsizing ...

Retirees who are downsizing into a smaller home ...

Mature adults who are downsizing ....

Baby Boomers who are downsizing into a smaller home or who just need to downsize their current home.

Anyone in a life transition may require an interior design makeover.

Lilli Simone Interior Design can help with active senior downsizing transitions into a smaller home making it easier , while creating a more functional environment for you.

Utilizing an interior design service provides an artistic elegance, and uniqueness to senior homes.

"Big is out, Small with style is in!"

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